Thursday, 12 June 2008

Is this Reverend Densham saying hello?

Reverend Frederick Densham died in 1953 after falling down the stairs at this home. He remained there for some days until he was found. Afterwards he was buried in Plymouth despite his wish to have his ashes scattered near the church he loved.

We visited the church on a bright spring day and found ourselves at the end of the drive that leads to the church. It was here that a sightseer took some photographs of two companions and found that a third unidentified figure was among them. Reported sightings of an old man in a long dark coat and hat are common and the atmosphere inside the church is unnerving to say the least. I stood near the altar and took a few pictures and tried to say how sorry I was for this poor soul who is still around Warleggan to this day. The photograph above shows an orb and some kind of glow near the main door. I was very grateful to Rev Densham and I am sure I will be back there again soon.

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