Thursday, 12 June 2008

Ghosts in Cornwall; Warleggan Orb Photograph

After reading the story about this place and the sad story of the parish vicar Rev Fred Densham many years ago; this place was high on my list of must-visit places in Cornwall. The church in the little village of Warleggan known as St Bartholomew holds a peculiar atmosphere and I was more than happy when an orb turned up one one of my photographs.

Reverend Densham lived here between 1931 and 1953 and never seemed to hit it off with the locals. By all accounts he was a kind man but highly eccentric and his forward thinking spiritual beliefs did not sit well with his parishoners. After disputes over the church organ being sold off for charity and Denshams beloved dogs running around farmland disturbing sheep his services at the church became devoid of worshippers. Densham lived at the neighbouring rectory and created a garden for the children of the village to come and play in but no one ever came there. A rumour has circulated that he made card board cutouts of people and seated them in pews and preached to them but this is untrue. He did however sometimes write names of people on postcards and place them in the church to remember them in his prayers.

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