Sunday, 21 September 2008

Chippenham Ghost Appears on Wall

A dirty faced, bearded and long finger nailed man keeps appearing in a wall in a house in Chippenham...

He's known as Christoff. He's got long finger nails and dirty hands, a beard and dirty face and is always spotted wearing a heavy coat and cut-off trousers.

But more extraordinarily, according to Claire Bracey, he keeps being seen in a wall at her home in Chippenham.

From the outside... the 1940's style terrace house in Derriads Green is perfectly ordinary. To Claire and her family, however, it's anything but...

Orbs in the sitting room...
Orbs in the sitting room...

In fact, according to the family, behind their closed door it's definitely spooky:

"We get various things happening," says Claire, "like lights going on and off and people running up and down stairs.

"We also hear voices and my son wakes up in the night saying there's someone sitting on the end of his bed."

And it's not just Claire that's experienced the haunted happenings in the house. Claire's mother, Sue, has experienced a bit of a chill there as well:

"We'll be sitting in the lounge, quite quietly, and we'll hear running feet, " says Sue. "We'll check the children and they'll be sound asleep.

"We'll also feel, on our shoulders, cold patches. That's happened quite a few times."

Faces in the wall and glowing orbs

But despite both mother and daughter agreeing that whatever has the run of the house is definitely not evil... the appearance of a face in a wall has to be a little unnerving:

"We've got a face in my daughter's room at the moment of a man on the wall," says Claire. "He's quite a dirty faced, sort of a bearded face, long finger nails, dirty hands sort of ¾ length trousers, a heavy coat quite a sort a mature man. Kristoff is his name."

...are acccompanied by a drop in temperature
...are acccompanied by a drop in temperature

And Claire has the digital photographs to prove it. But it's not just bearded men in the walls that Claire is snapping... white glowing orbs are also appearing in her photographs:

"We get lots of orbs in the house especially in the lounge and the attic. They're the start of spirit manifestations, before they appear to you, which is kind of unsettling because you get a cold atmosphere along with them.

"You take a photo and they're there on the photo. You take another one and they're gone. So I don't think it's the camera."

But since calling in a medium, to dispel the spirits, things at Derriads Green do seem to have improved:

"It's not actually as if it happens every night or every week," says Claire. "It can be weeks of just peace and then all of a sudden it will all start off again."

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