Sunday, 21 September 2008

Psychic Reveals Haunted Painting

A painting alleged to be possessed by spirits has just been unveiled by Psychic medium Phillip Solomon. The painting, pictured below has apparentley been causing its owners problems for years and is has been exhibited at Phillips Clairvoyant live shows.

The painting of a castle standing on rocks first came to light when a lady called Mrs R bought it from a junk shop. At first she liked it but then it would fall off the wall each night despite her husbands attempts to reattach it. Her children took a dislike to the painting stating that they could see weird figures coming out at them.

After a while Mrs R got scared and gave the painting to Phillip in the hope that his psychic abilities could help.

After a while with no further problems the painting was given to the owner of a new age shop in Birmingham. It was hung up in the shop and customers often commented that the painting gave them eeries vibes and figures could be seen emerging from the canvas. The shop owner happily parted with the painting which then made its way to The United States and ended up in the hands of another couple who also tried their hands at ownership of the weird artefact. Before too long they were so freaked that they gave it to another medium after complaints of evil faces being seen and bad atmospheres.

Amazingly the painting did a full circle trip, eventually ending up back in the hands of Mr Phillip Soloman after the American medium had had enough

" I lent it out to photographer friends with an interest in the paranormal and the unusual, and other paranormalists, it quickly came back with some strange photographs taken of it too. One in particular of the tower in the painting came out with a brilliant bright light when taken in the dark, but when blew up or zoom in on the light, you could clearly see a figure in the middle that looked sort of like a sixties hippy figure. Zooming a little closer and you could clearly see the face of a Viking warrior. Other photos showed perfectly clear globes with a white spot right in the middle. Other pictures were taken that showed what looked like a Victorian figure, a Romany vargo caravan, sometimes with people, sometimes not and ghostly figures in the clouds. Perhaps more alarming were claims that one of my friends upon waking, saw figures coming out of the tower and the painting itself and a general feeling that just wasn't very good."

So the paininting remains in Phillips possession as he has no plans to sell and feels that perhaps it belong with him.

Good luck!

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